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Definition quadrate


Borrowed from Old French quadrat (“a square”), from Latin quadratus (“square”), past participle of quadrare (“to make four-cornered, square, put in order, intransitive be square”), from quadra (“a square”), later quadrus (“square”), from quattuor (“four”).


quadrate (comparative more quadrate, superlative most quadrate)

  1. Having four equal sides, the opposite sides parallel, and four right angles; square.
  2. Produced by multiplying a number by itself; square.
  3. (archaic) Square; even; balanced; equal; exact.
  4. (archaic) Squared; suited; correspondent.


quadrate (plural quadrates)

  1. (geometry) A plane surface with four equal sides and four right angles; a square; hence, figuratively, anything having the outline of a square.
  2. (astrology) An aspect of the heavenly bodies in which they are distant from each other 90°, or the quarter of a circle; quartile.
  3. (anatomy) The quadrate bone.


quadrate (third-person singular simple present quadrates, present participle quadrating, simple past and past participle quadrated)

  1. (archaic, transitive) To adjust (a gun) on its carriage.
  2. (archaic, transitive) To train (a gun) for horizontal firing.
  3. (archaic, transitive, intransitive) To square.
  4. (archaic, transitive) To square; to agree; to suit; to correspond (with).

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