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Definition hey

Etymology 1

From Middle English hey, hei, also without h- in ey, from Old English *hē, ēa (interjection), attested as first element in hēlā, ēalā (“O!, alas!, oh!, lo!”). Cognate with Dutch , hei (“hi, hey”), German hei (“hey, wow”), Danish and Swedish hej (“hello, hey”), Faroese hey (“hey, hello”), Old Norse, Icelandic and Norwegian hei (“hey”), Romanian hei, Russian эй (ej, “hey”); see heigh. Probably a natural expression, as may be inferred from its presence with similar meaning in many other unrelated languages: for example, Burmese ဟေး (he:), Finnish hei, Unami , and Mandarin (āi), and various sound-alikes as Ancient Greek εἶα (eîa) and Latin eia, eho, Sanskrit हे (he). See also hello.



  1. An exclamation to get attention.
  2. A protest or reprimand.
  3. An expression of surprise.
  4. (US, Australia, Canada) An informal greeting, similar to hi.
  5. A request for repetition or explanation; an expression of confusion (see also eh, huh).
  6. A meaningless beat marker or extra, filler syllable in song lyrics.

Etymology 2

From French haie (“hedge”), with reference to the weaving patterns used in hedgelaying.


hey (plural heys)

  1. (country dancing) A choreographic figure in which three or more dancers weave between one another, passing by left and right shoulder alternately.

Etymology 3

See he.


hey (plural heys)

  1. Alternative spelling of he (Hebrew letter)

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