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Definition dominate


From Latin dominātus, perfect active participle of dominor (“rule, have dominion”), from dominus (“lord, master”); see dominus.


dominate (third-person singular simple present dominates, present participle dominating, simple past and past participle dominated)

  1. To govern, rule or control by superior authority or power
  2. To exert an overwhelming guiding influence over something or someone
  3. To enjoy a commanding position in some field
  4. To overlook from a height.


dominate (comparative more dominate, superlative most dominate)

  1. Eggcorn of dominant.


dominate (countable and uncountable, plural dominates)

  1. (historical) The late period of the Roman Empire, following the principate, during which the emperor's rule became more explicitly autocratic and remaining vestiges of the Roman Republic were removed from the formal workings of government; the reign of any particular emperor during this period.

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