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Definition calender

Etymology 1


calender (plural calenders)

  1. Misspelling of calendar.
  2. A machine, used for the purpose of giving cloth, paper etc., a smooth, even, and glossy or glazed surface, by cold or hot pressure, or for watering them and giving them a wavy appearance; it consists of two or more cylinders revolving nearly in contact, with the necessary apparatus for moving and regulating.
  3. One who pursues the business of calendering.

calender (third-person singular simple present calenders, present participle calendering, simple past and past participle calendered)

  1. To press between rollers for the purpose of making smooth and glossy, or wavy, as woolen and silk stuffs, linens, paper etc., as in a calender.

Etymology 2

From Persian قلندر‎ (qalandar, “wandering dervish”), from Arabic قَلَنْدَار‎ (qalandār, “wandering dervish”), itself from Persian کلندر‎ (kalandar, “uncouth man”), from کلند‎ (kaland, “rough, unshaven”).


calender (plural calenders)

  1. One of a wandering, mendicant Sufic order of fantastically dressed or painted dervishes, founded in the 13th century by an Arab named Yusuf.

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